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Renderforest Logo Maker allows you to create impressive logos in a matter of minutes. All you have to do is type your brand name and describe the logo you want in 1 or 2 sentences. Choose one of the six available styles, and wait for a second for our AI-based logo maker to create the logo of your dreams.

Create impressive logos with this online Logo Maker for free.

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Strengthen your brand with a logo


Reinforce your brand identity

Just as people have identities, so do brands. It is that which makes them different from competitors and highlights their uniqueness. You can solidify your brand identity in the minds of customers by creating a professional logo. Communicate the spirit of your brand and what it stands for with a concise visual statement.


Make your brand recognizable

You can have the best products or services in the market. But if your customers cannot memorize your brand, the chances that they’ll buy from you again are quite low. At this point, raising brand awareness is key. As customers grow familiar with your brand, they will start recognizing your products with ease.

To get started on the endeavor of increasing brand recognition, you should first create a logo. A memorable logo design sticks in the minds of customers and reminds them of their previous encounters with your brand.


Make a solid first impression

First impressions can make or break a deal. Make sure people’s first encounters with your brand are positive, and half of your job is done. Wondering how to leave a favorable impression? Your logo is part of the answer. Either it sparks interest in potential customers and gets them to explore your brand, or it leaves them indifferent. The small logo design choice you come up with now can make all the difference later on.


Stand out from the competition

A professionally designed logo differentiates you from competitors. It highlights your unique approach to solving customers’ needs and problems. How does your product or service stand out from the competition? Is it inventive, simple, sustainable, or of high quality? A mere glance at your logo should be enough to tell.

There are many ways to make a logo design that expresses your brand’s unique identity. You can use the style, colors, and fonts of your logo in numerous creative ways to do so.


Build customer trust

A professional logo design communicates to customers that you take your brand seriously. It’s decisive in winning customers’ trust before they even get a chance to try out your products.

If you are a small business trying to scale up, boosting your brand’s credibility is essential. Creating a business logo is the first step in this direction. The good news is, you can get a unique logo without breaking the bank using a free logo creator.

Custom logos in any style


Don’t miss out on the chance to create a memorable logo design that withstands the test of time. Forget about the costly process of hiring designers or agencies. Renderforest Online Logo Maker is a tool that allows you to create stunning logo designs tailored to your business needs. Powered by artificial intelligence, it enables you to create your own logo without a designer’s help.

Get started by diving into the vast library of our free logo creator and find some promising designs for your new logo. Pick the one you like and customize it to your heart’s desire. Enjoy the logo making process and get one step closer to building a solid brand.

Why Renderforest Logo Maker

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Get a package of mockups and Brand Guidelines!

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Create a logo for your business with Renderforest Logo Maker and get 20+ high-end mockups featuring your logo design.

Wondering what mockups are and why you need them? Mockups are attractive visual designs that you can use to display your products in a realistic environment. They enable you to promote your brand without resorting to product photography or costly video services.

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Whether you’re selling clothes, pharmaceuticals, mobile apps, or something else, mockups can make affordable branding a reality. Use them to showcase your products on social media or your website. You can even print out your design and use it in hardcopy brochures, flyers, and business cards.

Aside from the optional mockups, you can also download a document with brand guidelines. A clear set of guidelines is the cornerstone of successful and consistent online branding. Use them when creating posts for social media, writing content for your website, and even answering customers' emails.

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Increasing brand recognition is almost impossible without staying true to your unique style and voice. These two should be defined in your brand guidelines, the official document of your brand identity. If you're entirely new to this, don't worry. Our comprehensive guide will help you get started.

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More than


unique artwork files

Renderforest logo maker provides more than 50.000 unique artwork files are created by our design team. Try different styles, compare them and pick the best one. Choose one of the options suggested by our system and come up with a custom logo design by altering the colors, sizes and alignment.

In AI we trust

Tell us about your brand and what kind of logo you want. The AI-based and machine learning algorithms of Renderforest Logo Maker will find the best options for you. Select the one you like, customize it, and download your logo. Create the perfect logo in a snap.

Animate your custom logo

Animate your custom logo

Download the logo you've made with our online logo maker and turn it into a stunning animation with Renderforest Video Maker. Choose from colorful, dark, exploding, burning, 3D, footage-based, and other styles of intro and outro templates.

Create a professional website in minutes

Renderforest Website Builder offers 100+ fully customizable website templates designed by professionals. Select a template and customize it without any technical skills. Or create your website from scratch with our simple yet comprehensive free editor.

Create a professional website in minutes
Preview your logo with realistic mockups

Preview your logo with realistic mockups

See how your logo design looks in realistic environments with Renderforest Mockup Editor. Use desktop and mobile mockups to see your logo on a screen. Try branding templates to find your logo printed on bags, business cards, mugs, and other items. Go ahead and try it for free!



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